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About us

We provide a wide variety of professional architectural services to support engineering firms. These services fall in six different categories

1-Preliminary Design

2-Development Architectural Concept Design

3-Landscaping Design

4-Urban design

5-Interior Design

6-Architectural Details

Our vision prioritizes green building and sustainability in each and every aspect of the design guaranteeing the best use of resources.

The company was established in Turkey at the beginning of 2014 by Ahmet Mimar who is currently the CEO and the chief architect in the company. Mr. Mimar held senior positions in recognizable companies; Design Team Leader in K.S.A International Design Consulting Company, Head of the villa’s Section in ALAJMI U.A.E, And Senior Architect in ACC Lebanon. He has over 18 years of experience in architectural design industry. During his career, he worked on many projects in KSA, UAE, Lebanon,and Turkey. This equipped him with a well-rounded knowledge of the design needs in these markets and best approaches to satisfy them. Our team developed some novel ways in architectural design and it’s themed by the following four values:

  • Environmental design: Making the space possess all natural advantages to be ready to use any sustainable power in the future.
  • Positive Energy design: The design gives the whole available energy interaction inside the space using (feng shui)
  • Architectural Contributed Design: Considering all architectural elements to be functional.
  • Cost control: We prioritize applying value engineering in all our project to reduce the cost therefore we can always manage the cost through our financial experience in meeting the needs of the Middle East market.

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Our Team

Ahmet Mimar

Ahmet Mimar

Chıef Archıtect
Nour Srour

Nour Srour

Project Executive Architect


Address: Yakuplu Mah., Hürriyet bulv., Skyport,Beylikdüzü 34520